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Exclusive Webinar by H&M - 12th of May

За своя 2-ри уебинар Creative Power Awards ще ви донесе вдъхновение и технически познания за топъл печат и плеге, благодарение на своя партньор Hinderer + Mühlich.

Exclusive webinar by H&M

Sophisticated stamping effects set the stage for your product and communicate with consumers on an emotional level. For the second webinar of the Antalis Creative Power Awards, we invite Martina Hahn Rodig, design expert from Hinder + Mühlich to help you know more about blind embossing and hot stamping.


Design Expertise for Print Excellence:

  • Creation of timeless feel and fascinating design effects
  • Step by step advice for best results in your embossing project
  • Discussion of sustainability aspects


To know more and have the opportunity to attend a Q&A with our speakers, join us on May the 12th!