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Ексклузивен уебинар от Positive Luxury - 7 юни

В този 3-ти уебинар, Positive Luxury, организация насочваща водещи марки в техните усилия за екологична социална политика, ще ви преведе през предизвикателствата за устойчивост пред марките и ще сподели най-новите тенденции в опаковките към екологична концепция.

Webinar by Positive Luxury

Sustainability & Packaging trends

As a brand owner, designer or packaging converter, you face more and more the requests from customers asking for more sustainability.


As environemental and social governance related to their products and services is driving growth for brands, designers, printers and converters need to align to support these approachs. Positive Luxury, market leader in accompanying brands in their ESG efforts will guide you through the sustainability challenges for brands and will share the latest packaging trends towards eco-conception


To know more about this and have the opportunity to attend a Q&A with our speaker, join us on June the 2nd at 1pm Paris time!