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Анталис обявява международен конкурс Antalis Creative Power Awards

24 II 2022 —

От 1 март до 31 май споделете своите проекти, отпечатани на хартии на Antalis, и получете шанса да се възползвате от висока видимост и много други награди.

От 1 март до 31 май споделете своите проекти, отпечатани на хартии на Antalis, и получете шанса да се възползвате от висока видимост и много други награди.

Choosing paper is a creative act!

Even though we are all paper and print lovers, we are aware that digital communications are increasingly important to share our passion for tactility and graphic design. With the launch of the Antalis Creative Power Awards, we aim at highlighting your creativity and know-how and also to evangelize on the power of premium printed communications. These awards are also an occasion for us to somehow educate designers and printers and share the latest trends. Following our latest launches of highly sustainable paper solutions (Olin Origins, Refit, Pergraphica, Nautilus, Cocoon, Cyclus) we are organizing webinars with a strong focus on eco-design and eco-print thanks to our partners.


The concept

To promote and share with the world your nicest projects, we have continued our work with our editorial partner The Brand Identity whose digital reach across the industry will provide you instant recognition. The Antalis Creative Power Awards includes 4 application categories where design, paper choice and print execution will be assessed but also 3 special prizes aiming at celebrating the printers’ and designers’ creativity and engagement. To “judge” your projects, or to rather seek help on finding the most exquisite or striking, we have gathered high profiles from the print and graphic design community including our partners Hinderer + Mülich and Monotype together with Positive Luxury our partner on ESG.

Within the four application categories, we hope to inspire you with designs from over 35 countries and 3 continents. We ought to have you discover various graphic trends, print effects and various paper uses. From uncluttered style to more traditional design, these categories are open to any print project manufactured on our premium papers, not only the creative paper ranges from Arjowiggins but also our ranges of design and recycled papers, as well as on our boards and other specialities.






Choosing paper is a creative act and it is always meaningful. Your printed work triggers emotion, create desire but can also reflect your engagement for a cause. So does your creativity. Through 3 special prizes, we want to put your creative thinking under the spotlight. From the choice of a paper to answer a customer’s specific brief, through the preference of a font against another to decrease the ink need or with the adaptation of the actual size of a printed object to avoid paper waste, all the choices taken by printers and designers make an impact. More and more creatives also run side-projects for a cause they believe in. We want to highlight their work.


Eco Conception

From eco-designs to eco-printing via the choice of responsible paper solutions, we want to highlight creative productions in which stakeholders are reducing their environmental footprint.



Paper Stories

What is the advantage of paper within a communication campaign? How can it be the perfect answer to the brief? What was the impact generated by the print campaign? (Drive to store, registration rate, etc…)


Design for Good

From activist design to designs supporting environmental and societal causes, designers for Good should be put under the spotlight.


Print Excellence

On top of this, the Print Excellence special prize can be given to any project submitted. All projects will be assessed on various criteria including the level of print execution. The best-rated projects will be reviewed a second time by the jury’s print expert to select the most demanding projects, mixing various print effects and with perfect execution.

The Jury

We have gathered industry experts, from creative printers to branding or ESG experts, font designer, or die-manufacturer. They will gather in Paris mid June.





6 projects per category will be selected as finalists and be granted by a reward. While the project printer will get a 400€ voucher for a Hinderer + Mülich die, the designer or the agency will get a one year subscription to, with an estimated 500€ monthly value.

The finalists will be revealed on Antalis social media throughout the summer and will all be published in a printed magazine. Some project will also have the the chance to be The Brand Identity’s pick and be interviewed and feature on all their digital platforms.


For the lucky winners

Winners will not only receive a bespoke award handcrafted by the paper artist Maud Vantour, but will also be interviewed by The Brand Identity and have their project showcased on all their platform as well as on Antalis’.
On top of this, winners of the application category will enjoy a high-end dinner organized by Antalis gathering all project stakeholders (printer, designer, end-user) while winners of the special prize will have the chance to attend a 2-day mill visit in Europe at Arjowiggins’.

Finally, creative printers and designers will also have the opportunity to present themselves and their project on all  Antalis social media channels.










Partners & Webinars

We have associated with industry leading partners not only to judge the submitted projects but also to organize a series of webinars on sustainability. From eco-design to the choice of innovative embossing and foiling solutions, our partners will guide you through this journey towards more ecological printing and branding projects. We will also organize a training session on how to best prepare a micro-embossing project.

  • HOW TO SET-UP AN EMBOSSING PROJECT (with H+M and a printer)

Hinderer + Mühlich is the leading worldwide manufacturer of stamping dies (for hot-stamping, embossing, micro-embossing, etc…) for the graphic industry.

Their dies decorate paper surfaces under the highest demands of design and functionality.


With the largest collection of award-winning type as well as access to the world’s most sought after foundries and type designers, Monotype Fonts enables creative professionals to spend less time on administrative work, and more time on designing meaningful brand experiences.


Positive Luxury accelerates the sustainability efforts of the luxury industry and keep their clients ahead of cultural and economic shifts. They enable their collaborative community of brands, suppliers and retailers to measure, manage and report their net positive impact across ESG indicators.

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